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Real Estate Investor Websites

"Using Your Old Real Estate Investor Websites System  We Bought and Sold Over 120 Properties ... Your New Websites For Real Estate Investors Are So Much Better!"

"Wow! What a great job you've done with the changes in the new version of the real estate investor websites. As you know Arcata Basin Corporation has bought over 120 properties utilizing the older version of the websites  for real estate investors. The changes you made make the system even better.

The part I really like the most is where you put the decision making calculators in the back office for Lease Options and Owner Financing. As you know, we specialize in owner financing.

The changes you implemented really make using the investor websites an easy, and a lot quicker process. We spent thousands of dollars on having our software and spreadsheets done. Especially for new real estate entrepreneurs coming into the business these real estate investor websites will be a very valuable tool. Keep up the good work!"

Troy St. Pierre,
Arcata Basin Corp.
Dallas, Texas

Real Estate Investor Websites Can Do Most Of The Work For You On Auto-Pilot

Buying and selling properties using real estate investor website is a process that can be broken down into 5 simple steps:

Step 1: Advertise for Sellers and Buyers online and/or offline. Include a call to action and a link to your real estate investor website in your ad,

Step 2: Use the investor website to capture the information of buyers and seller who respond into a Lead Database using capture forms

Step 3: Evaluate Property Leads accumulating in your real estate website database

Step 4: Follow up with best leads captured by your real estate investor site and convert best motivated seller and property Leads into purchase contracts

Step 5: Match Buyers with Properties in your Lead Database using your investor websites... and profit!

 Use A Real Estate Investor Website To Capture and Monetize The Leads

Is is worth you while?

See for yourself, though your results may vary based on your background, experience, knowledge of real estate investing, amount of advertising, market conditions, competition level, etc.

In no way we're guaranteeing or implying that you'll get the same results.


Let's review how Investor System can help you manage this 5-Step Process quickly and efficiently.

Step 1: Advertise for Sellers and Buyers Using Your Real Estate Investor Websites

Hopefully, it comes as no surprise, you must get the word out that you're in the business of buying and selling homes. There're many ways to do this. Often finding Home Buyers is done in more conventional ways, such as running classified ads, listing property for sale with a Realtor, putting a sign on a front yard, etc.

Marketing for Home Sellers is a more involved process. Click Here for a short article that lists many ways of finding or advertising for motivated sellers who're likely to make a deal on their home on good terms or at a low price. Or e-mail us to get a recommendation for a good marketing course for investors.

Be sure to read "The Big Stumbling Block" section at the bottom related to our new Turn-key Advertising and Lead Generating service.

Step 2: Capture the information of those who respond and save Leads into a Database on your investor websites for homebuyers and homesellers

This is where Investor System with its real estate investor websites kicks in.

When you advertise for Buyers and Sellers you must provide means of response to your prospects. Typically, it's either a phone number with a prerecorded message and/or your direct phone line or a website with information about your business.

  Watch a short Video showing how Buyers and Sellers Leads get captured into Lead Database:

If They're Too Timid To Call

Often HomeBuyers and Homeowners prefer to avoid "being sold" on the phone. They'd rather research you first, then possibly make a personal contact.

One of the most effective ways to deliver your marketing message is having real estate investor websites designed to guide a prospective Buyers and Sellers through the benefits of doing business with you to the point where they fill out a form on your site.

The forms should be comprehensive enough to give YOU information sufficient to evaluate the Seller (Property) or the Buyer even before you contact them.

Investor System websites do this job for you. It comes with websites for Buyers and Seller loaded with tested and proven marketing content that sells prospects on doing business with YOU and captures all relevant decision making information.

Take a moment to check out examples of these professionally looking websites:

Click Here for HomeBuyers Investor website.

Click Here for HomeSellers Investor website.

Once Buyer or Seller visiting your REI investor websites enters his information on the Lead Capture page - it's instantly entered into your Lead Management Database. When you have a real estate investor website for both Buyers and Sellers this process of Lead Capture could be fully automated. 

That's what our investor websites do. You could be  at an appointment, meeting, on vacation, even at a golf course -- the investor websites System will act as a reliable employee working for you around the clock and Capturing Leads.

During review of Steps 3 and Step 5 we'll show you how YOU will use this captured information stored in the database on your investor websites to quickly evaluate Leads and match HomeBuyers with Properties that homeowners enter into your Investor system.

If They Prefer To Call

What if Buyer or Seller responding to your advertising chooses to use a phone instead of coming to your real estate investor websites?

You have couple of options. You can choose to take a call personally. A lot of full time, experienced real estate investors prefer to get that call when it comes, or at least have their office stuff take the call live.

If you or your staff are in the office when the call comes, you can pop up the Lead Capture Page on your website and enter all the same information while you're talking to a prospect. In fact, there's an added benefit of having that form in front of you when taking a live call or returning a missed call -- you'll never forget to ask for any of the relevant information from a caller.

If you are taking a call while out of the office, you can later login to your Investor System account and enter the information straight into your Lead Database through your back office in your homebuyer and homeseller websites, that have a similar Lead Info Form.

LASTLY, suppose you're a part-time investor and you can't take calls from Buyers and Sellers live, and you don't have staff to do it for you. simply don't believe in spending time on the phone with prospects who haven't been pre-screened (which is often wise, especially if you're doing a lot of advertising and get a high volume of inbound phone calls).

Or.... what if the call comes after hours and there's nobody to take it?

We're now in the process of implementing a new feature for Investor System real estate investor websites that will allow you to provide an alternative phone number (or set up forwarding of your regular business number) that will connect your prospective Buyers and Sellers with our live operators who will:

  • Take their call at any time, 24/7
  • Collect all the data from the callers
  • Enter it into your personal Lead Database.

This way you can have a lot of flexibility in a way you handle your inbound calls, yet you NEVER miss any calls... and revenue associated with those prospects.

Step 3: Evaluate Property Leads Store In Your Real Estate Investor Websites

As you advertise your business, your Database in both Buyer and Seller websites will start filling up with Leads from Sellers (Property Leads) and from Buyers.

When you look at your Property Leads you have to be able to quickly determine whether a particular Property is a good buy and justifies spending more time on it. In other words, based on the preliminary information Investor System websites collected from Seller -- you must be able to figure out is there's a way to make a profit with it.

That's where Investor System and its websites will become an invaluable tool for you, as well as a huge time-saver. It contains a set of built-in financial calculators that will allow you to quickly and effortlessly run multiple profit/loss calculations for any Lead based on 3 most common investor Buy/Sell models:

  1. Buy for Cash (conventional or hard money loan)
    Sell for Cash through a Realtor (aka Rehabbing), or Sell Wholesale to Investor

  2. Buy on Lease/option or with a loan
    Sell on Lease/Option

  3. Buy with a loan (subject-to, conventional or owner financing)
    Sell with owner financed "wrap" loan

  Watch a few short Videos with multiple examples of such Property Lead evaluation. (Turn up your speakers! Broadband Internet connection is recommended for better experience.)

Buy for cash Sell for cash (AKA wholesale/retail)

Clip 1
Clip 2
Clip 3

Buy on payments (loan or lease/option) Sell on Lease Option Clip 1
Clip 2
Clip 3
Clip 4
Buy on loan (conventional, subject-to, owner financed) Sell on owner financed wrap loan Clip 1
Clip 2
Clip 3
Clip 4

Suppose you go through your evaluations, then talk to Seller about buying a home from him. However, he's not quite ready to accept your offer. Now you'll have to follow up with a Seller 2-3 months after your initial contact...

Problem is... 3 months later you don't remember what went through your head, what you offered, what kind of figures you were thinking about when you made your offer, how Seller responded, etc.

Well, with Investor System you won't have a chance to forget. A unique feature of Investor System real estate investors websites is -  profit/loss calculations you've just seen are attached to and saved with individual Property Leads.

So when you do your next set on evaluations for a different Property, you do NOT lose  all the work you've done on previous properties. It saves and remembers all the numbers related to the deal as you went through it initially.

It also saves records of all negotiations offers and counter offers or any other communications occurred between you and Seller. When it's time to follow up with Seller, all you need to do is pop the Property Lead record open -- and you'll find all the work you did before.

(More on the subject of follow up. You probably know that if don't follow up with your Leads, you're letting others to move in and pick up the deals that fell through the cracks in your process. We'll show you later how Investor System makes sure you NEVER FORGET to follow up.)

Step 4: Convert Best Property Leads Captured By Real Estate Investor Websites Into Buy and Sell Contracts

Now that you've done your preliminary evaluations of Property Leads captured by your investor websites, it's time to roll up your sleeves and get busy with the best Leads in the pack.

You ought to call property owners of profitable Property Leads to:

  • Confirm the preliminary information you got from them

  • Get missing information

  • Find out who decision makers are and all parties on title whose signatures you'll need

  • Pre-negotiate a deal on the phone the best you can. If your phone negotiation end like this...  Then it's time to...

  • Set up an appointment to see the property and meet the owners.

Finally, use the investor websites to print out the information on your property leads and head down there. Meet with the owners and inspect the Property. Assuming all facts and property condition checked out OK, and you reach an acceptable compromise on price and terms -- convert the Lead into a purchase contract.

Get it all in writing and signed by all parties with ownership.

In our next release of Investor System software and websites we also plan on incorporating the Document Module that will allow you to manage all your Contracts, Forms, Disclosures, etc. from your Property Lead database.

You'll be able to generate and print out a complete set of documents necessary to facilitate a purchase of the Property from Seller or sale of Property to Buyer by pushing a few buttons on your PC.

Step 5: Use Your Buyer and Seller Real Estate Websites To Match Buyers With Property Leads In Your Database... and Profit!

Now that you signed up a deal with Seller, it's time to turn a profit with the Property. This requires finding a taker for it.

If you're in a business of selling properties to Buyers who qualify and obtain new loans to pay you in cash, you don't have any choice but to list a home with a Realtor, patiently wait for a Buyer to come along and fall in love with your home, hope (s)he can get approved, pray the appraisal and inspections pass without major hitches, etc.

On the other hand, if you're in the business of offering creative financing terms to Buyers, or you sell to other investors - you can pretty much write your own ticket. 

In this latter case Investor System websites will be a HUGE help and time saver. It makes matching Buyers and Properties a snap, if you've been proactively marketing for Buyers.

  Watch a short Video on how Investor System helps you do this:
(Turn up your speakers! Broadband Internet connection is recommended for better experience.)

Once the best Buyer, or better yet several potential Buyers for a Property are identified, make a few phone calls. Line them up to show them the Property. If you've done your home work well, and you're not asking too much -- you shouldn't have much problems finding a "perfect suitor" for the home.

Then it's time to collect money from Buyer and cash the check.

End of this project... But if you market consistently -- by then you should have more Property Leads and Buyers to sell them to.

Following Up On Leads. Task Management Using Investor Websites.

Your Lead Database of prospects becomes a valuable asset of your business. Some prospects will be ready to transact business with you instantly. Others won't because their timing and circumstances aren't there yet.

You must have a process to periodically and systematically follow up with ALL of these prospects. You got to touch base with them every month or so to see if their circumstances have changed. Since these people have gone through a considerable amount of effort to get into your Lead Database, they deserve to get a phone call from you or your staff.

Keeping track and following up with your prospects ON SCHEDULE is a major challenge, especially once you start marketing consistently and accumulate a good number of Leads.

Investor System real estate websites have a Task Management tool that helps you guarantee all these contacts are made on schedule. With Task Manager you'll be able to schedule follow up activities on per Lead basis and set up reminders, so you'll never forget to make an important call.

Task Manager will allow you to bundle, schedule and set up reminders for all related activities on per Property or per Buyer basis. These are things like appointments with customers, calls to title company to check on closing, or check on mortgage company to see if the Buyer's loan was was approved, or production of Contracts related to purchasing or selling a Property, etc.

With Task Manager you can also schedule and set up reminders for any general activities in your business not related to Leads, or even personal activities.

Investor System also keeps track of the completion status of each task. You can instantly find tasks that have been planned but slipped through the cracks... and get them DONE! 

In sum it allows you to plan your work, then work your plan.

How Much Do Real Estate Investor Websites Cost?

Now you've seen a glimpse of what Investor System can do for your business. You might be wondering if have to skip your next vacation to be able to afford it.

Good news -- you won't have to!

No two different service providers offer the exact same service. However, we researched the closest competitors of ours. Here's how two of the closest ones in terms of functionality and features compare to Investor System on price:

Provider Set Up Fee Maintenance
Investor System


$19.98/mo - Silver
$29.98/mo - Gold
$49.98/mo - Platinum
Jeff Adams
Web System


Web System



In a normal course of business, we WILL be charging a sizable Set Up Fee, just like our competitors, though not as stiff.

However, during this SPECIAL LAUNCH promotion, we're waiving all Set Up Fees to allow you to start without having to break your budget.

 Professional Real Estate Investor Websites System For Your Business

Would you like to get a Professional Strength System like this for your busines without having to part with several thousand dollars?

You couldn't before. Now you can with Investor System!

But wait, we'll go even further to make sure you give it a try.  You won't have to risk $100 bucks (your first maintenance payment) to find out if Investor System is everything we say it is.

In fact, you won't have to risk even a penny!

Put ALL the financial risk on us.

Why don't you take Investor System for a test-drive absolutely FREE, review all of our Video Tutorials, play with it, see what it can do for you...

Then decide if it's for YOU.

 Take The System For A RISK-FREE 30 Days Trial --
See What It Can Do For Your Business!


The BIG Stumbling Block -- Advertising

Here's a #1 failure cause for investors in this business, even if they have real estate investor websites.  Yes, this also includes the users of this system:


If you're a savvy real estate investor and marketer, you probably already have the skills to get people to find you online through various advertising channels.

If you do NOT have a lot of experience generating leads from real estate Sellers and Buyers you should read the rest.

Most of the online ads on Yahoo and Google are from sizable nationwide companies spending a small fortune on running these ads. They raise money by selling exclusive geographic regions to affiliate-investors. These memberships could easily costs $1,000/month+, some A LOT more!

There are several things to consider when you look at advertising in general and determining an advertising budget for your business.

FACT: You're NOT going to GET enough real estate buyers and sellers leads  to STAY in business unless you advertise consistently and commit to a decent size advertising budget.

Here are some comparative advertising costs for your to consider:

Small 3-4 lines classified ad in large metro newspaper $300-400$/month
1,000 standard size letters, all inclusive $600-$700
1,000 oversized postcards, all inclusive $500-$600
1,000 regular size postcards, all inclusive $350-$400
100 Bandit signs on stakes, standard size, installation/pickup not included $500
Radio spots bought in blocks of 50 $1,500-$2,500
Google and Yahoo Pay Pay Click search engines (for top placements) $10-$20/per click

In general, the tests show that it takes about $1,000 in advertising dollars to get a deal "purchased" for an average metropolitan area, and this figure could be higher for bigger and hotter real estate markets.

You see, we have spent thousands of dollars on testing our sites. We know, if you get Sellers and Buyers to them, the sites will capture them, convert them into LEADS, put them in your database.

What we found with users of our System -- quite a number of them don't understand the importance of advertising, don't have the knowledge of how to advertise effectively, or don't have the budget... Either way, they have not advertised consistently. Therefore they don't get the full benefit of using the System.

That's why we decided to offer to our members...

The New Turnkey Advertising And
Lead Generating Service

Over the years of working with online media and buying our own advertising we have acquired significant expertise in placing effective advertising online that can produce highly targeted traffic of Sellers to the websites we provide for you.

If you need help with getting Motivated Seller traffic to your site, we can typically get good results for you, if you have at least $300-$500 a month advertising budget. It could be higher in big markets.

Please note, this monthly budget is a relatively small one, quite a bit less than what you could spend on other media (see example above).

If you're interested in exploring this service please see Contact Us link elsewhere on this site.

Have More Questions?

Review our FAQ area for answers to most common questions.


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